Feature: #96333 - Improve ContextMenu item provider registration

See forge#96333


The context menu in the TYPO3 backend is used to easily access all relevant actions for the corresponding record, such as "edit", "hide" or "delete".

It's furthermore also possible for extensions to extend the context menu with additional actions using so called "item providers". Those were previously registered in the global TYPO3 configuration, via the ext_localconf.php file.

Since the introduction of the Symfony service container in TYPO3 v10, it's possible to autoconfigure services. This feature is now also used for the context menu item providers. Therefore, the previous registration step is now superfluous. All item providers are now automatically tagged and registered based on the implemented TYPO3\CMS\Backend\ContextMenu\ItemProviders\ProviderInterface.


Custom context menu item providers are now automatically registered, based on the implemented interface, through the service configuration.

Besides the simplified registration, it's now also possible to use DI in item provider classes.