Feature: #97096 - Non-namespaced arguments in Extbase backend modules

See forge#97096


Extbase plugins and backend modules traditionally use the plugin / module namespace to prefix their GET parameters and form data. In the frontend context, this makes sense, as multiple plugins may reside on a page. In the backend, however, an Extbase module is responsible for rendering a complete view. Therefore, the namespacing of arguments has been disabled, making URLs easier to read, more in line with non-Extbase modules and allowing Extbase modules to directly access outside information like the id parameter handed over by the page tree for example.

To allow Extbase modules to configure this behaviour, the Extbase feature flag enableNamespacedArgumentsForBackend can be set in the module configuration, turning the namespacing off or on.


Extbase will by default build and react to backend module links without paying attention to the namespace of the parameters.

A link may look like this:


If a module explicitly wants to keep using the namespaced version of the arguments, the feature flag can be set:

module.tx_myextension_somemodule {
    features {
        enableNamespacedArgumentsForBackend = 1