Feature: #97729 - Respect attribute approved in XLF files

See forge#97729


The attribute approved of the XLIFF standard is now supported by TYPO3 when parsing XLF files. This attribute can either have the value yes or no and indicates whether the translation is final or not.

<trans-unit id="label2" resname="label2" approved="yes">
  <source>This is label #2</source>
  <target>Ceci est le libellé no. 2</target>

The setting $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['lang']['requireApprovedLocalizations'] can be used to control the behaviour.

  • If it is set to true (which is the default setting), only translations with no attribute approved or with the attribute approved set to yes will be used.
  • If it is set to false, all translations are used.

This attribute is particularly useful when working with third-party software and translation agencies. Allowing unapproved translations may increase the number of translations, possibly at the expense of their quality.


Crowdin supports this attribute. Currently only approved translations are exported. Therefore no change is expected for official translations.