Important: #98090 - Use preconfigured UTF-8 filesystem on first installation

See forge#98090


Back in the old and dark days, some filesystems did not know about "special" chars. TYPO3 has the TYPO3_CONF_VARS toggle ['SYS']['UTF8filesystem'] to declare if filesystems are UTF-8 aware.

This toggle is false by default since ever. It triggers functionality to rename any file that contains characters like umlauts, or maybe entirely consist of "special" chars only (japanese) to something "safe".

This is a usability issue since information is lost and language-specific characters are destroyed.

Nowadays every serious filesystem supports UTF-8.

There are no issues related to UTF8filesystem=true for years.

The patch now sets UTF8filesystem=true for new installations to see if anything still pops up. If that works out, we'll continue with further patches in v13 to further phase out the option entirely.