Feature: #97309 - Differentiate redirects based on creation type

See forge#97309


A new field creation_type has been added to the sys_redirect table. This allows to differentiate between redirects created automatically when the slug of a page has changed and the ones which are created in the backend module by editors.

A new option in the Redirects module allows to filter by this type.


The distinction by the creation type helps users to administrate the redirect records and helps to identify why a record has been created initially.

An update wizard updates all existing redirects and sets the type to "manual".

If desired, the available items of the field creation_type can be extended with additional types by adjusting TCA for this field. This simplifies the registration of additional types, which are automatically available in the backend filtering. Possible use cases are, for example, synchronized redirects or migrated from other / old sources sources.

$GLOBALS['TCA']['sys_redirect']['columns']['creation_type']['config']['items'][] = [
    'My extension redirects',