Feature: #99062 - Native JSON database field support in Doctrine DBAL

See forge#99062


TYPO3 Core's Database API based on Doctrine DBAL now supports the native database field type json, which is already available for all supported DBMS of TYPO3 v12.

JSON-like objects or arrays are automatically serialized during writing a dataset to the database, when the native JSON type was used in the database schema definition.


By using the native database field declaration json in e.g. ext_tables.sql files within an extension, TYPO3 now converts arrays or objects of type \JsonSerializable into a serialized JSON value in the database when persisting such values via Connection->insert() or Connection->update(), if no explicit database types are handed in as additional method argument.

TYPO3 now utilizes the native type mapping of Doctrine to convert special types, such as JSON database field types automatically for writing.

Example ext_tables.sql:

CREATE TABLE tx_myextension_domain_model_book (
    title varchar(200) DEFAULT '',
    contents json