Deprecation: #99523 - Deprecate type="none" pass_content

See forge#99523


The TCA option pass_content for type="none" fields has been marked deprecated in TYPO3 v12 and will be removed with v13.


Using the option should be avoided and has no impact anymore.

Instances with field configurations, section config of type="none" having key pass_content will trigger a deprecation warning during TCA cache warmup.

Affected installations

The type="none" TCA field is a rarely used type, its main purpose is to allow virtual fields (a field without corresponding database column).

Instances are affected when the backend "lowlevel" search in $GLOBALS['TCA'] for "pass_content" reveals matches.


The pass_content=true option was documented to not htmlspecialchars() the value. This is an edge case anyways, since the type="none" is designed to not have a database field at all, so there is usually no value. Additionally, the current behavior still applies htmlspecialchars() to the value. This has not been fixed in TYPO3 v11 and v12 since it may open a security issue with existing instances.

Instances that need non-HTML escaped output with type="none" should register an own renderType element for the field, as documented in the TYPO3 explained FormEngine chapter.