Feature: #98528 - New file location for ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL

See forge#98528


To access the standalone Install Tool, the file typo3conf/ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL needed to be created. With TYPO3 v12, the location of this file has been changed.

For Composer-based installations the following file paths are checked:

  • var/transient/ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL

For legacy installations the following file paths are checked:

  • typo3temp/var/transient/ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL

Using the previous known path typo3conf/ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL is still possible.


Especially for Composer-based installation this change allows to completely drop the usage of the typo3conf/ directory.

Add the new paths to your .gitignore file to avoid deploying this file to production environments.