Deprecation: #100247 - Various interconnected methods in EXT:scheduler

See forge#100247


The scheduler system extension, responsible for executing long-running, timed or recurring tasks, has been included since TYPO3 v4.3, but never received an overhaul of its code base.

Back then, the main \TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Scheduler class and the \TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Task\AbstractTask class were the main API classes, all logic being included, whereas AbstractTask is the main class that all custom tasks within extensions derive from.

However, in the past 15 years TYPO3's code base has undergone a lot of API design changes related to separation of concerns. In order to achieve this in the scheduler extension, almost all access to the actual database access around task retrieving and scheduling has been moved into its own \TYPO3\CMS\Scheduler\Domain\Repository\SchedulerTaskRepository class.

For this reason, the following methods within the original API classes are now either marked as deprecated or internal - not part of TYPO3's public API anymore - as they have now been moved into the new repository class.

  • Scheduler->addTask()
  • Scheduler->log() - marked as internal
  • Scheduler->removeTask()
  • Scheduler->saveTask()
  • Scheduler->fetchTask()
  • Scheduler->fetchTaskRecord()
  • Scheduler->fetchTaskWithCondition()
  • Scheduler->isValidTaskObject()
  • Scheduler->log() - marked as internal
  • AbstractTask->isExecutionRunning()
  • AbstractTask->markExecution()
  • AbstractTask->unmarkExecution()
  • AbstractTask->unmarkAllExecutions()
  • AbstractTask->save() - marked as internal
  • AbstractTask->remove()
  • AbstractTask->setScheduler() - marked as internal
  • AbstractTask->unsetScheduler() - marked as internal
  • AbstractTask->registerSingleExecution() - marked as internal
  • AbstractTask->getExecution() - marked as internal
  • AbstractTask->setExecution() - marked as internal
  • AbstractTask->getNextDueExecution() - marked as internal
  • AbstractTask->areMultipleExecutionsAllowed() - marked as internal
  • AbstractTask->stop() - marked as internal


Calling any of the deprecated methods will trigger a PHP warning. Using the internal methods should be avoided and is not covered by the TYPO3 backwards compatibility promise.

Affected installations

TYPO3 installations with extensions that include custom scheduler tasks accessing these methods. The Extension Scanner might be helpful to detect these usages.


Use the SchedulerTaskRepository methods instead.