Deprecation: #97390 - TypoScript validators for password reset in ext:felogin

See forge#97390


The TypoScript password validation configured through plugin.tx_felogin_login.settings.passwordValidators has been marked as deprecated.

The TypoScript validators are used when the feature toggle security.usePasswordPolicyForFrontendUsers is set to false (default for existing TYPO3 installations).

An upgrade wizard will ask the user during the TYPO3 upgrade if security.usePasswordPolicyForFrontendUsers should be activated or, if deprecated, TypoScript validators should be used.


Validators configured in plugin.tx_felogin_login.settings.passwordValidators will trigger a deprecation log entry when a password reset is performed.

Affected installations

TYPO3 installations using validators configured in plugin.tx_felogin_login.settings.passwordValidators.


Special password requirements configured using custom validators in TypoScript must be migrated to a custom password policy validator as described in #97388.

Before creating a custom password policy validator, it is recommended to check if the CorePasswordValidator used in the default password policy suits current password requirements.