Feature: #100284 - Add CKEditor Inspector for backend RTE forms

See forge#100284


This feature introduces the ability to show the CKEditor Inspector for backend RTE forms.

With CKEditor 5 and the introduction of the intermediate CKEditor model, knowing the internals is a requirement to build plugins. The best way to debug during the plugin development is the CKEditor Inspector.

For regular pages, there is a simple bookmarklet that can be included to show the Inspector, but in the TYPO3 backend the usage of frames does not allow this option. Giving developers a config option in the RTE simplifies this process.

The Inspector can be activated in two different ways:

  • By enabling $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['BE']['debug'] and being in the Development context
  • By setting the option editor.config.debug to true in your CKEditor configuration

Example for setting the CKEditor configuration:

    debug: true


Being in the right context or enabling the given option, it is now possible to debug CKEditor instances for plugin development in an easier way.