Feature: #99735 - New Country Select form element

See forge#99735


Since Feature: #99618 - List of countries in the world and their localized names, TYPO3 provides a list of countries, together with an API and a Fluid form ViewHelper. A new "Country select" form element has now been added to the TYPO3 Form Framework for creating a country select in a form easily. The new form element features a couple of configuration options, which can either be configured via the Forms module or directly in the corresponding YAML file.

Available options

  • First option (prependOptionLabel): Define the "empty option", i.e. the first element of the select. You can use this to provide additional guidance for the user.
  • Prioritized countries (prioritizedCountries): Define a list of countries which should be listed as first options in the form element.
  • Only countries (onlyCountries): Restrict the countries to be rendered in the list.
  • Exclude countries (excludeCountries): Define which countries should not be shown in the list.

The new element will be rendered as single select (<select>) HTML element in the frontend.


The new "Country select" form element is now available in the Form Framework with a couple of specific configuration options.