Important: #102314 - Add title argument to IconViewhelper

See forge#102314


The IconViewhelper in EXT:core has been extended for a new argument title. The new argument allows to set a corresponding title, which will be rendered as title attribute in the icon HTML markup. The title attribute will only be rendered, if explicitly passed. You can also pass an empty string.

This title attribute will improve accessibility, since screenreaders can choose not to ignore aria-hidden elements (e.g. the icons above the page tree), which is a mode people with low visibility might choose. If a title attribute is missing, a purely technical output will be given, which is very hard to make sense of.


<core:icon title="Open actions menu" identifier="actions-menu" />

This will be rendered as:

<span title="Open actions menu" class="t3js-icon icon icon-size-small icon-state-default icon-actions-menu" data-identifier="actions-menu" aria-hidden="true">
    <span class="icon-markup">
        <img src="/typo3/sysext/core/Resources/Public/Icons/T3Icons/actions/actions-menu.svg" width="16" height="16">