Important: #99781 - Exporting and downloading records in the list module

See forge#99781


There are two different options for exporting records in the Web->List module.

One is using the export functionality, which is provided by EXT:impexp and is available via the "Export" docheader button in the single table view. It is possible to manage the display of the button using the Page TSconfig mod.web_list.noExportRecordsLinks option. However, the export functionality is by default disabled for non-admin users, making the button not showing up unless the functionality is explicitly enabled for the user with the user TSconfig options.impexp.enableExportForNonAdminUser option.

The "Download" functionality is available via the "Download" button in each tables header row. It is available in both, the list and also the single table view and can be managed using the Page TSconfig mod.web_list.displayRecordDownload option, which is enabled by default. Next to the general option is it also possible to set this option on a per-table basis using the mod.web_list.table.<tablename>.displayRecordDownload option. In case this option is set, it takes precedence over the general option.

# Page TSconfig
mod.web_list {
    # Disable "Export" button in docheader
    noExportRecordsLinks = 1

    # Generally disable "Download" button
    displayRecordDownload = 0

    # Enable "Download" button for table "tt_content"
    table.tt_content.displayRecordDownload = 1