Deprecation: #100355 - Deprecate methods in PasswordChangeEvent in ext:felogin

See forge#100355


The following methods in the PSR-14 event PasswordChangeEvent of ext:felogin have been marked as deprecated and should not be used any more:

  • setAsInvalid()
  • getErrorMessage()
  • isPropagationStopped()
  • setHashedPassword()


Event listeners, who use one of the deprecated methods of the PasswordChangeEvent PSR-14 event, will raise a deprecation level log message. The functionality is kept in TYPO3 v12 but will be removed in v13.

Affected installations

Instances who use the PSR-14 event PasswordChangeEvent for password validation and who use one of the deprecated methods.

The extension scanner reports usages as a weak match.


Password validation for the password recovery functionality in ext:felogin must be implemented using a custom password policy validator.

See forge#97388 for details.