Breaking: #100966 - Remove jquery-ui

See forge#100966


The NPM package jquery-ui has been removed completely for TYPO3 v13 without any substitute.

According to the TYPO3 Deprecation Policy, JavaScript code and packages used only in the TYPO3 backend are not considered to be part of that policy:

The deprecation policy does not cover the deprecations of backend components such as JavaScript code, CSS code, HTML code, and backend templates.


TYPO3 does not ship the NPM package jquery-ui any longer. Third-party extensions that rely on this package will be broken and need to be adjusted.

Since TYPO3 exposed only parts of jquery-ui, only the components core, draggable, droppable, mouse, resizable, selectable, sortable and widget are affected - other components simply did not exist.

Affected installations

Those having custom or third-party extensions using jquery-ui from typo3/sysext/core/Resources/Public/JavaScript/Contrib/jquery-ui/.


TYPO3 does not provide any substitute. In TYPO3 the draggable and resizable features of jquery-ui have been reimplemented in the new custom element <typo3-backend-draggable-resizable>.