Breaking: #101137 - Page Doktype "Recycler" removed

See forge#101137


TYPO3 had multiple concepts of a recycler / trash bin. One of the oldest concepts was the ability to create a manual page of the type "Recycler" (page records with doktype=255 set) where editors could manually move content to such a page instead of deleting it. One other option is to use the Web > Recycler backend module (available with the shipped recycler system extension). This process is much more user-friendly: Any kind of record which has been (soft-)deleted can be viewed and re-added via this module, no manual process during the deletion process is needed.

For reasons of consistency and de-cluttering the UI, the former functionality has been removed from TYPO3 Core, along with the PHP class constant \TYPO3\CMS\Domain\Repository\PageRepository::DOKTYPE_RECYCLER.


The recycler doktype has been removed and cannot be selected or used anymore. Any existing recycler pages are migrated to a page of type "Backend User Section" which is also not accessible, if there is no valid backend user with permission to see this page.

Affected installations

TYPO3 installations using this special page doktype "Recycler".


A migration is in place, it is recommended to use the Recycler module with soft-deleting records.