Breaking: #101647 - Unused graphical assets removed from EXT:backend

See forge#101647


The TYPO3 system extension "backend" accumulated many graphical assets over the years that became unused piece by piece.

The following icons have been removed from the Icon Registry:

  • status-edit-read-only

  • warning-in-use

  • warning-lock

The following assets have been removed from the directory EXT:backend/Resources/Public/Images/:

  • FormFieldWizard/wizard_forms.gif

  • clear.gif

  • filetree-folder-default.png

  • filetree-folder-opened.png

  • Logo.png

  • pages.gif

  • tt_content.gif


Calling any of the removed icons from the Icon Registry will render the default icon. Accessing any of the removed files directly will lead to a 404 error.

Affected installations

All extensions using the removed icons and assets are affected.


No direct migration is available.