Breaking: #102181 - Removed CLI options using bin/typo3 cleanup:flexforms

See forge#102181


The CLI command bin/typo3 cleanup:flexforms of extension lowlevel can be used to clean up database record type="flex" fields that contain values not reflected in the current FlexForm data structure anymore.

The command has been changed slightly: The CLI options -p / --pid and -d / --depth have been removed.

The "dry run" CLI option --dry-run is kept.

The command implementation has been rewritten in TYPO3 v13 and is some orders of magnitudes quicker than before: While the command could easily run hours for a seasoned instance, it is now usually a matter of seconds. The "pid" and "depth" options were a hindrance to this drastic performance improvement and have been removed.


The command exits with an error when called with one of -p, --pid, -d or --depth option. It is no longer possible to restrict the command to single page tree sections, the command always checks all (not soft-deleted) records.

Affected installations

The command is not very well known and - if ever - often only used when deploying major upgrades of TYPO3 instances. Instances using one of the above options should remove them from their deployment scripts, and enjoy the massive speed improvement.


No migration, remove the above mentioned options.