Breaking: #102260 - Removed TCA ['softref'] = 'notify'

See forge#102260


TCA columns type fields like input and text obey the config key softref. One of the allowed soft reference parsers is notify implemented by class \TYPO3\CMS\Core\DataHandling\SoftReference\NotifySoftReferenceParser.

This soft reference parser fits no apparent use case and has been removed.


Involving the notify key in the comma-separated list of TCA columns config softref or a flex form data structure column definition does not trigger any action anymore and may log a warning this parser hasn't been found.

Affected installations

There was little reason to activate this soft reference parser in the first place since it essentially did nothing. Instances with extensions having TCA column config softref set to a value including notify will be affected. That's a very rare use case. The extension scanner will not notify about this, but the SoftReferenceParserFactory will add a log entry this parser was not found upon using an affected record.


Remove key notify from TCA columns softref list.