Breaking: #102499 - User TSconfig setting "overridePageModule" removed

See forge#102499


The user TSconfig setting options.overridePageModule has been removed.

This option allowed to change links within some modules to be redirected to an alternative page module, mainly introduced in TYPO3 4.x to allow to link to the TemplaVoila page module.

However, as this has never been applied consistently across all modules provided by TYPO3 Core, it has been removed. The only few places within TYPO3 Core where this option was still evaluated was within the Workspaces Administration and the Info module.

The alternative, using a different routing endpoint and support for module aliases via the introduced Module API in TYPO3 v12, is much more robust and consistent.


Setting the user TSconfig option options.overridePageModule has no effect anymore.

Affected installations

TYPO3 installations using this setting in user TSconfig, mainly when used in conjunction with TemplaVoila and having mixed installations where both TemplaVoila page module and the default Page module are used for different editors.


In order to replace the Page module within a third-party extension such as TemplaVoila, it is possible to create a custom module entry in an extensions' Configuration/Backend/Modules.php with the following entry:

return [
    'my_module' => [
        'parent' => 'web',
        'position' => ['before' => '*'],
        'access' => 'user',
        'aliases' => ['web_layout'],
        'path' => '/module/my_module',
        'iconIdentifier' => 'module-page',
        'labels' => 'LLL:EXT:backend/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_mod.xlf',
        'routes' => [
            '_default' => [
                'target' => \MyVendor\MyPackage\Controller\MyController::class . '::mainAction',