Breaking: #102627 - Removed special properties of page arrays in PageRepository

See forge#102627


When requesting a page with a translation, the following special properties of an overlaid page have been removed:

_PAGES_OVERLAY_UID: The property denounced the UID of the overlaid database record entry, keeping "uid" as the original uid field.

_PAGES_OVERLAY: A boolean flag being set to true if a page was actually overlaid with a found record.

_PAGES_OVERLAY_LANGUAGE: The value of the database record's "sys_language" field value (the "language ID" of the overlaid record)

_PAGES_OVERLAY_REQUESTEDLANGUAGE: A special property used to set the actual requested language when having multi-level fallbacks while overlaying a record. When a requested overlay of language=5 is not available, but its fallback to language=2 is available, this property is set to "5" even though the page records' "sys_language_uid" field is set to 2.

These special properties have been relevant especially when generating menus, or when fetching overlays for Extbase domain models, and have been used due to historical reasons, because translations of pages have been set in "pages_language_overlay" instead of the database table "pages" until TYPO3 v9.0.

Any other record, where translations have been stored in the database, received the special property "_LOCALIZED_UID".


When calling PageRepository->getPage() or PageRepository->getLanguageOverlay() these special page-related properties are not set anymore when overlaying a page.

Affected installations

TYPO3 installations with custom extensions working on the low-level API using these properties.


The value of the previous _PAGES_OVERLAY_UID property is now available in _LOCALIZED_UID making it consistent with all database record overlays across the system.

The property _PAGES_OVERLAY is removed in favor of a isset($page['_LOCALIZED_UID') check instead.

The property _PAGES_OVERLAY_LANGUAGE is removed in favor of the property $page['sys_language_uid'] which holds the same value.

The property _PAGES_OVERLAY_REQUESTEDLANGUAGE is moved to a new property called _REQUESTED_OVERLAY_LANGUAGE which is available now for any kind of overlaid record, and not just pages.