Breaking: #102924 - Single Table Inheritance from fe_groups removed

See forge#102924


Extbase ships with a feature called "Single Table Inheritance", to allow multiple Extbase domain models reflecting one database table depending on a specific value of a database field.

TYPO3 has the functionality enabled for the database tables fe_users and fe_groups.

The respective default models, which do not make a lot of sense, as models are depending on a specific domain, have been removed in previous TYPO3 versions.

For frontend user groups, the usage and the usefulness for TYPO3 to ship this out of the box, has shown little impact. For this reason, the functionality has been removed. Along with that, the database field fe_groups.tx_extbase_type and its TCA definition as well as the Extbase configuration as a single table inheritance option, has been removed.

The functionality for Single Table Inheritance in Extbase and also for frontend users is working as before without any changes.


Using the database field in custom code, or using Single Table Inheritance in Extbase for frontend user groups will result in SQL and PHP errors.

Affected installations

TYPO3 installations with custom extensions using Single Table Inheritance in Extbase with frontend usergroups.


If necessary, extension authors can add Single Table Inheritance in their own extension for fe_groups by themselves.

  • Add a database field fe_groups.tx_extbase_type in ext_tables.sql
  • Add TCA information in Configuration/TCA/Overrides/fe_groups.php for the database field