Breaking: #102945 - Pagination of Indexed Search replaced

See forge#102945


Indexed Search used a custom crafted pagination, implemented with several ViewHelpers known as is:pageBrowsingResults and is:pageBrowsing. These ViewHelpers have been removed in favor of the existing Pagination API, leading to template changes.


In case Fluid templates of EXT:indexed_search are overridden, the frontend will render an exception due to the missing ViewHelpers.

Affected installations

All installations overriding the Fluid template Templates/Search/Search.html of EXT:indexed_search are affected.


is:pageBrowsingResults has been replaced with a short HTML snippet:

    <f:translate key="displayResults" arguments="{0: result.pagination.startRecordNumber, 1: result.pagination.endRecordNumber, 2: result.pagination.totalAmount}" />

is:pageBrowsing has been replaced with a new Fluid partial file:

<f:render partial="Pagination" arguments="{pagination: result.pagination, searchParams: searchParams, freeIndexUid: freeIndexUid}" />