Breaking: #102976 - TimeTracker read API internal

See forge#102976


Class \TYPO3\CMS\Core\TimeTracker is used in the TYPO3 frontend rendering. It allows tracking time consumed by single code sections. The admin panel uses gathered data and renders a "time elapsed" overview from it.

All methods and properties that enable or disable tracking details and return the gathered data have been marked @internal and partially moved to EXT:adminpanel.

Extensions should only write data to TimeTracker, methods that are considered API are these:

  • TimeTracker->push() (second argument may vanish)

  • TimeTracker->pull()

  • TimeTracker->setTSlogMessage()


Extensions using methods other than the ones listed above may raise PHP fatal errors or different result structures when the underlying code is further refactored.

Affected installations

Most extensions in the wild use only the above listed methods. There is little reason to use other methods, except for extension that mimic or extend functionality of EXT:adminpanel. Instances with such extensions need to follow changes of class TimeTracker.


No direct migration possible.