Deprecation: #101912 - Deprecated passing jQuery objects to FormEngine validation

See forge#101912


Both methods, validateField() and markFieldAsChanged() accept a form field as argument that is either of type HTMLInputElement, HTMLSelectElement, HTMLTextareaElement, or jQuery. Passing all of the aforementioned types is supported since TYPO3 v11, therefore, passing jQuery object has been deprecated.


Calling any method, validateField() or markFieldAsChanged() with passing jQuery-based objects will render a warning in the browser console, along with a stacktrace to help identifying the caller code.

Affected installations

All 3rd-party extensions using the deprecated methods of the @typo3/backend/form-engine-validation module are affected.


Do not pass jQuery-based objects into the deprecated methods. Consider migration away from jQuery at all, or use $field.get(0) as interim solution.