Deprecation: #101912 - Passing jQuery objects to FormEngine validation

See forge#101912


Both methods, validateField() and markFieldAsChanged() accept a form field as argument that is either of type HTMLInputElement, HTMLSelectElement, HTMLTextareaElement, or jQuery. Passing all of the aforementioned types is supported since TYPO3 v11, therefore, passing a jQuery object has been deprecated.


Calling any method, validateField() or markFieldAsChanged() with passing jQuery-based objects will render a warning in the browser console, along with a stacktrace to help identifying the caller code.

Affected installations

All third-party extensions using the deprecated methods of the @typo3/backend/form-engine-validation module are affected.


Do not pass jQuery-based objects into the deprecated methods. Consider migrating away from jQuery at all, or use $field.get(0) as interim solution.