Feature: #101843 - Allow configuration of color palettes in FormEngine

See forge#101843


TYPO3 uses a color picker component that already supports color palettes, or swatches. Integrators are now able to configure colors and assign colors to palettes. Palettes then may be used within FormEngine.


In case commonly used colors or, for example, colors defined in a corporate design should be made accessible in an easy way, integrators may configure multiple color palettes to be used in FormEngine via page TSconfig.

# Configure colors and assign colors to palettes
colorPalettes {
  colors {
    typo3 {
      value = #ff8700
    blue {
      value = #0080c9
    darkgray {
      value = #515151
    valid {
      value = #5abc55
    error {
      value = #dd123d
  palettes {
    main = typo3
    key_colors = typo3, blue, darkgray
    messages = valid, error

# Assign palette to a specific field
TCEFORM.[table].[field].colorPalette = messages

# Assign palette to all color pickers used in a table
TCEFORM.[table].colorPalette = key_colors

# Assign global palette
TCEFORM.colorPalette = main

Configuration allows to define the color palette either on a specific field of a table, for all fields within a table or a global configuration affecting all color pickers within FormEngine. If no palette is defined, FormEngine falls back to all configured colors.