Feature: #102177 - WebP support for images generated by GIFBUILDER

See forge#102177


GIFBUILDER, the image manipulation library for TypoScript based on GDlib, a PHP extension bundled into PHP, now also supports generating resulting files of type "webp".

WebP is an image format, that is supported by all moderns browsers, and usually has a better compression (= smaller file size) than jpg files.


If defined via format=webp within a GifBuilder setup, the generated files are now webp instead of png (the default).

It is possible to define the quality of a webp image similar to jpg images globally via $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['GFX']['webp_quality'] or via TypoScript's "quality" property on a per-image basis. Setting the quality to "101" equivalents to "lossless" compression.


page.10 = IMAGE
page.10 {
  file {
    backColor = yellow
    XY = 1024,199
    format = webp
    quality = 44

    10 = IMAGE
    10.offset = 10,10
    10.file = 1:/my-image.jpg

A new test in the Environment module / Install Tool can be used to check if the bundled GDlib extension of your PHP version supports the WebP image format.