Feature: #103187 - Introduce CLI command to create backend user groups

See forge#103187


A new CLI command ./bin/typo3 setup:begroups:default has been introduced as an alternative to the existing backend module. This command automates the creation of backend user groups, enabling the creation of two pre-configured backend user groups with permission presets applied.


You can now use ./bin/typo3 setup:begroups:default to create pre-configured backend user groups without touching the GUI.


Interactive / guided setup (questions/answers):

Basic command
./bin/typo3 setup:begroups:default

The backend user group can be set via the --groups|-g option. Allowed values for groups are Both, Editor and Advanced Editor:

Command examples
./bin/typo3 setup:begroups:default --groups Both
./bin/typo3 setup:begroups:default --groups Editor
./bin/typo3 setup:begroups:default --groups "Advanced Editor"

When using the --no-interaction option, this defaults to Both.