Feature: #93942 - Crop SVG images natively

See forge#93942


Cropping SVG images via backend image editing or specific Fluid ViewHelper via <f:image> or <f:uri.image> (via crop attribute) now outputs native SVG files by default - which are processed but again stored as SVG, instead of rasterized PNG/JPG images like before.


Editors and integrators can now crop SVG assets without an impact to their output quality.

Forced rasterization of cropped SVG assets can still be performed by setting the fileExtension="png" Fluid ViewHelper attribute or the TypoScript file.ext = png property.

<f:image> ViewHelper example:

<f:image image="{image}" fileExtension="png" />

This keeps forcing images to be generated as PNG image.

file.ext = png TypoScript example:

page.10 = IMAGE
page.10.file = 2:/myfile.svg
page.10.file.crop = 20,20,500,500
page.10.file.ext = png

If no special hard-coded option for the file extension is set, SVGs are now processed and stored as SVGs again.