Breaking: #59659 - Removal of deprecated code in sysext backend

See forge#59659



Flexform xml that still contains the old "<tx_templavoila><title>" code has to be adapted. The "<tx_templavoila>" elements needs to be removed.

Wizard registration

Wizard registration in TCA must not contain the "script=some/path/script.php" definition anymore. The new API for registering wizards is to set "module[name]=module_name".

Removed PHP methods

  • AbstractRecordList::writeBottom() is removed without replacement. The functionality is not needed anymore.
  • SpriteGenerator::setOmmitSpriteNameInIconName() is removed in favor of setOmitSpriteNameInIconName()
  • DocumentTemplate::isCMlayers() is removed without replacement. The functionality is obsolete.
  • DocumentTemplate::getFileheader() is removed. Use getResourceHeader() instead.
  • BackendUtility::displayWarningMessages() is removed without replacement. The functionality was moved to ext:aboutmodules.
  • IconUtility::getIconImage() is removed without replacement. Use sprite icon API instead.
  • PageLayoutView::getSelectedBackendLayoutUid() is removed. Use BackendLayoutView::getSelectedCombinedIdentifier() instead.
  • ClickMenu::menuItemsForClickMenu() is removed without replacement. The functionality is obsolete.

Removed JS functions

  • showClickmenu_noajax() is removed. Use Clickmenu.ajax = false; showClickmenu_raw(); instead.
  • setLayerObj() is replaced with Clickmenu.populateData().
  • hideEmpty() is replaced with Clickmenu.hideAll().
  • hideSpecific() is replaced with Clickmenu.hide(). E.g. Clickmenu.hide('contentMenu1');
  • showHideSelectorBoxes() is replaced with toggleSelectorBoxes().


A call to any of the aforementioned methods by third party code will result in a fatal PHP error.

Affected installations

Any installation which contains third party code still using these deprecated methods.


Replace the calls with the suggestions outlined above.