Feature: #59396 - TypolinkViewHelper

See forge#59396


Adding Link and Uri ViewHelper that cope with the contents of any field that was filled with a link wizard in TYPO3 CMS Backend. Those fields contain various parts split by a space and being escaped to provide input for the typoLink function. In order to use those fields natively in Fluid without the need of TypoScript in between, this ViewHelper was introduced. It takes the field content as a whole and can additionally take some parameters directly from Fluid.

The full parameter usage in Fluid might look like this, where {link} is the field content:

<f:link.typolink parameter="{link}" target="_blank" class="ico-class" title="some title" additionalParams="b=u" additionalAttributes="{type:'button'}">

<f:uri.typolink parameter="{link}" additionalParameters="b=u">

Only parameter is required, all other parameters are optional. While passing additional parameters to the ViewHelper, following rules apply:

  • target is overridden, the value from Fluid applies
  • class is merged from the values passed from the database and those of class
  • title is overridden, the value from Fluid applies
  • additionalParams is merged from the values passed from the database and those of additionalParams
  • additionalAttributes is (as usual) added to the resulting tag as type="button"

{link} contains 19 _blank - "testtitle with whitespace" &X=y. In case of the Uri.Typolink Viewhelper, only the first and the fourth parameter of the field content are taken into account, the tag related properties are discarded. For the given examples, the output is:

<a href="index.php?id=19&X=y&b=u" title="some title" target="_blank" class="ico-class" type="button">


The new ViewHelper can be used in all new projects. There is no interference with any part of existing code.