Breaking: #64059 - Rewritten Javascript Tree Components

See forge#64059


In the process of refactoring prototype/ code and migrate these to an AMD module, the tree component and its drag&drop parts have been migrated to a RequireJS / jQuery module.

The page tree filter functionality of the prototype tree, which is not used in the TYPO3 core, was removed from the tree component.

The file typo3/js/tree.js has been removed, the replacement code, based on jQuery is located under EXT:backend/Resources/Public/JavaScript/LegacyTree.js.


Any usages in third party extensions that include js/tree.js will fail, as the tree component has been removed. Any extension using the filter part of the tree.js component will not work.

Affected installations

Any installation with its own backend module using the tree component from the core.


Rewrite any needed logic for filtering, and include the RequireJS module like in e.g. FileSystemNavigationFrameController.php, to use the tree component. If the old code is needed, the tree.js file and prototype need to be included as part of the extension, not from the core.