Feature: #63207 - Split buttons into two groups

See forge#63207


The action buttons in Web>List for pages and content elements have been split into two groups to organize the actions as primary and secondary actions. Primary actions are common RUD actions:

  • Show
  • Edit
  • Hide
  • Delete
  • Move up/down

Secondary actions keep any other action. If "Extended view" is disabled, the primary actions are now still displayed, the secondary action are collapsed but can be expanded by clicking the expand trigger.


Existing hooks will work like before. If an action is added to one of the two sections, the icon on rootlevel must be reset, please see Migration.


$cells['primary']['edit'] = '<a class="btn btn-default"><span class="t3-icon fa fa-trash"></span></a>';
$cells['secondary']['edit'] = '<a class="btn btn-default"><span class="t3-icon fa fa-trash"></span></a>';`

Icons, that are not added into a section, will be sorted into the secondary group.