Breaking: #66286 - Page TSconfig options to hide Web Info modules renamed

See forge#66286


WEB > Info options in the function menu have new names in Page TSconfig properties to hide these modules


Page TSconfig options in use new class names.

Affected Installations

Installation which have options in the Info module disabled by using Page TSconfig


The following properties under have to be renamed:

  • tx_cms_webinfo_page -> TYPO3CMSFrontendControllerPageInformationController
  • tx_cms_webinfo_lang -> TYPO3CMSFrontendControllerTranslationStatusController
  • tx_belog_webinfo -> TYPO3CMSBelogModuleBackendLogModuleBootstrap
  • tx_infopagetsconfig_webinfo -> TYPO3CMSInfoPagetsconfigControllerInfoPageTyposcriptConfigController
  • tx_linkvalidator_ModFuncReport -> TYPO3CMSLinkvalidatorReportLinkValidatorReport
  • tx_indexedsearch_modfunc1 : removed, indexed_search has its own module
  • tx_indexedsearch_modfunc2 : removed, indexed_search has its own module