Feature: #65585 - Add TCA type imageManipulation

See forge#65585


TCA type imageManipulation brings an image manipulation wizard to the core.

This first version brings image cropping with the possibility to set a certain aspect ratio for the cropped area. The sys_file_reference.crop property is extended and can now also hold a json string to describe the image manipulation.

The LocalCropScaleMaskHelper that is used by the core to create adjusted images is also adjusted to handle the new format.


There is an new TCA type column type imageManipulation it supports the following config:

  • file_field: string, default uid_local
  • enableZoom: bool, default FALSE
  • allowedExtensions: string, default $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['GFX']['imagefile_ext']
  • ratios: array, default

    • '1.7777777777777777' => '16:9',
    • '1.3333333333333333' => '4:3',
    • '1' => '1:1',
    • 'NaN' => 'Free',

When ratios is set in TCA the defaults are neglected.

Property sys_file_reference.crop can now hold a string representing a json object. LocalCropScaleMaskHelper checks if the it can parse the string as json. If it can it assumes it holds the properties: x, y, width and height.