Feature: #66077 - Introduce callouts to replace content alerts

See forge#66077


In several places alerts (flash messages) were used to display context information. We introduce content info boxes and replace all occurrences where flash messages were used.


We introduced a new layout for context information and added a ViewHelper to render the markup.


Simple info box with a title. Please note that the title will always be HTML encoded by the ViewHelper

<f:be.infobox title="Message title">your box content</f:be.infobox>

All options of the ViewHelper. If you pass your message as ViewHelper argument, it will also be HTML encoded.

<f:be.infobox title="Message title" message="your box content" state="-2" iconName="check" disableIcon="TRUE" />

If you really need to output HTML in your message, use the closing variant. All children of the ViewHelper will be used as message.

<f:be.infobox title="Message title" state="-2" iconName="check" disableIcon="TRUE">