Deprecation: #66906 - Functionality for png_to_gif conversion

See forge#66906


The global option $TYPO3_CONF_VARS[GFX][png_to_gif] has been removed. The according functionality within GraphicalFunctions->pngToGifByImagemagick() has been marked for deprecation.


Any direct calls using pngToGifByImagemagick() will now throw a deprecation warning. All installations having the option png_to_gif activated will now always show png files instead of gifs when resizing PNG images in the TYPO3 Frontend.

Affected Installations

Any installation having png_to_gif activated or having third-party extensions calling GraphicalFunctions->pngToGifByImagemagick() directly.


Remove calls to the functionality, as the result will be a PNG. If GIF conversion is needed, the functionality needs to be implemented in a custom FAL Processor inside an extension.