Feature: #63561 - Add TypoScript stdWrap strtotime

See forge#63561


A new TypoScript property strtotime is now available within stdWrap which allows for conversion of formatted dates to timestamp, e.g. to perform date calculations.

Possible values are 1 or any time string valid as first argument of the PHP strtotime() function.

Basic usage to convert date string to timestamp:

date_as_timestamp = TEXT
date_as_timestamp {
	value = 2015-04-15
	strtotime = 1

Convert incoming date string to timestamp, perform date calculation and output as date string again:

next_weekday = TEXT
next_weekday {
	data = GP:selected_date
	strtotime = + 2 weekdays
	strftime = %Y-%m-%d


The new property is available everywhere in TypoScript where stdWrap is applied.