Feature: #66907 - Add Data Processing to FLUIDTEMPLATE content object

See forge#66907


cObject FLUIDTEMPLATE has been extended with dataProcessing. This setting can be used to add one or multiple processors to manipulate data of the currently rendered content object, like tt_content or page, and fill a key/value store that will be passed as variables to the Fluid template, where every key of the key/value store will be available as variable in the Fluid template.

  • dataProcessing = array of class references by full namespace


my_custom_ctype = FLUIDTEMPLATE
my_custom_ctype {
	templateRootPaths {
		10 = EXT:your_extension_key/Resources/Private/Templates
	templateName = CustomName
	settings {
		extraParam = 1
	dataProcessing {
		1 = Vendor\YourExtensionKey\DataProcessing\MyFirstCustomProcessor
		2 = Vendor2\AnotherExtensionKey\DataProcessing\MySecondCustomProcessor
		2 {
			options {
				myOption = SomeValue


The data processors can be used in all new projects. There is no interference with any part of existing code.