Breaking: #67753 - Drop "Show secondary options"

See forge#67753


When editing records, the checkbox at the bottom "Show secondary options (palettes)" has been dropped, palettes are now always shown and the collapse buttons are no longer rendered.



Setting options.enableShowPalettes has no effect anymore and can be removed from PageTSconfig.


Setting canNotCollapse in ctrl and palettes section are obsolete and can be dropped:

$GLOBALS['TCA']['aTable']['ctrl']['canNotCollapse'] = 1; // Obsolete
$GLOBALS['TCA']['aTable']['palettes']['aPaletteName']['canNotCollapse'] = 1; // Obsolete


The following method has been dropped. If an extension calls it, a PHP fatal error will be thrown. This was an internal method and external usage is unlikely:


The following properties have been dropped, calling those may trigger a PHP warning level error, external usage is unlikely:


Affected Installations

In the rare case that an extension uses one of the above methods or properties, a fatal PHP error may be triggered.


The above properties can be dropped, the PageTS and TCA settings have no effect anymore.