Breaking: #68010 - T3Editor - Plugin registration for codecompletion has changed

See forge#68010


Due to the rewrite of T3Editor to jQuery, the plugin registration for codecompletion has changed.


Plugins for codecompletion written in Prototype will not work anymore.

Affected Installations

Every third-party extension providing a T3Editor plugin extending the codecompletion.


Port the plugin to an AMD module. The plugin must have an init method with a configuration object as only parameter. Every parameter that was passed to the old Prototype function must be in that configuration object. Please see the example code below or consult EXT:t3editor/Resources/Public/JavaScript/Plugins/CodeCompletion/DescriptionPlugin.js.

Example code:

define('Awesome/Extension/Plugins/CodeCompletion/CoolPlugin', [
], function ($, TsRef, TsParser) {
	var CoolPlugin = {
		codeCompleteBox: null,
		codemirror: null

	CoolPlugin.init = function(configuration) {
		DescriptionPlugin.codeCompleteBox = configuration.codeCompleteBox;
		DescriptionPlugin.codemirror = configuration.codemirror;

		DescriptionPlugin.codeCompleteBox.parent().append($('<div />', {class: 'foomatic'}));

	return CoolPlugin;