Breaking: #68092 - TCA: Remove wizard hideParent and _HIDDENFIELD

See forge#68092


Wizards defined in TCA for display in FormEngine allowed to hide the "parent" field with the configuration options _HIDDENFIELD on main wizard level, and with the hideParent option for single wizards.

Both options have been dropped.


The configuration options have no effect anymore, the main field will show up.

Affected Installations

A search through the TER code showed not a single extension that used the above options. A 3rd party extension is affected if a TCA column configuration is used like:

'aField' => array(
	'config' => array(
		'wizards' => array(
			'aWizard' => array(
				'hideParent' => array(


Wizards can not trigger that a main field is not rendered anymore. If this kind of functionality is needed, it is recommended to register an own renderType in the NodeFactory for this type of field instead to route the element rendering to an own class.