Deprecation: #65790 - Remove pages.storage_pid and logic

See forge#65790


The DB field "pages.storage_pid" and its TCA definition have been moved to the compatibility6 extension as the field and its functionality is discouraged.

Additionally the method getStorageSiterootPids() within the PHP class TypoScriptFrontendController has been marked as deprecated. The method is currently only used if the Frontend Login plugin is used without setting a specific folder where the fe_users records are stored in.


Any usage of this field in any TypoScript, page or the usage of the method mentioned above in any third-party extension will only work if the compatibility6 extension is installed.

The Frontend Login functionality will throw a deprecation warning if the TypoScript option plugin.tx_felogin.storagePid (via TypoScript directly or the flexform configuration within the plugin) is not set.

Affected installations

All installations making use of storage_pid within the pages database table as well as installations using the Frontend Login plugin without having the storagePid option set.