Feature: #67360 - Custom attribute name and multiple values for meta tags

See forge#67360


page.meta is extented to support different attribute names like property used for OG tags. You may also supply multiple values for one name, which results in multiple meta tags with the same name to be rendered.

See http://ogp.me/ for more information about the Open Graph protocol and its properties.

page {
    meta {
        X-UA-Compatible = IE=edge,chrome=1
        X-UA-Compatible.attribute = http-equiv

        keywords = TYPO3

        og:site_name = TYPO3
        og:site_name.attribute = property

        description = Inspiring people to share Normal

        dc\.description = Inspiring people to share [DC tags]

        og:description = Inspiring people to share [OpenGraph]
        og:description.attribute = property

        og:locale = en_GB
        og:locale.attribute = property

        og:locale:alternate {
            attribute = property
            value {
                1 = fr_FR
                2 = de_DE

        refresh = 5; url=http://example.com/
        refresh.attribute = http-equiv



Meta tags with a different attribute name are supported now like the Open Graph meta tags.