Breaking: #69028 - TCA type select - Drop neg_foreign_table

See forge#69028


The following TCA keys for type select have been dropped and are no longer handled by the core:

  • neg_foreign_table
  • neg_foreign_table_where
  • neg_foreign_table_prefix
  • neg_foreign_table_loadIcons
  • neg_foreign_table_imposeValueField

These setting were used in select for comma separated value relations in addition to foreign_table to allow a second connected table. Relations for neg_foreign_table were stored as negative uids in the field to distinguish them from relations to the table defined in foreign_table.

The functionality has been dropped without substitution and is no longer handled by the TYPO3 core.


Existing relations to the table defined in neg_foreign_table will be discarded when a record with such a TCA configuration is saved to the database. The display of existing connected records may be misleading.

Affected Installations

This old school feature was never documented well and used by a very small amount of extensions. Searching an instance for the keyword neg_foreign_table will reveal usages.


In case records from multiple different tables must still be supported, the TCA configuration should be adapted to use a MM intermediate table. For existing migrations a database migration is required.