Feature: #38732 - Fluid-based Content Elements Introduced

See forge#38732


A new system extension called "Fluid Styled Content" has been added to the core, which ships with a trimmed down and simplified set of Content Elements which are rendered by Fluid Templates. This extension is installed by default on new installations.

In order to have Fluid Styled Content running, add the TypoScript file inside the Template module. The Page TSconfig is loaded automatically when the extension is installed. The autoloading of this file can be disabled by deactivating the loadContentElementWizardTsConfig option in the extension configuration of the extension manager. You have then to load the Page TSConfig by yourself on the page properties.

It is possible to overwrite the templates by adding your own paths in the TypoScript setup:

lib.fluidContent.templateRootPaths.50 = EXT:site_example/Resources/Private/Templates/
lib.fluidContent.partialRootPaths.50 = EXT:site_example/Resources/Private/Partials/
lib.fluidContent.layoutRootPaths.50 = EXT:site_example/Resources/Private/Layouts/

The new CType textmedia adds support for rendering media elements and image elements side by side.


Please note that this extension is still in an early stage and breaking changes are still possible until TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS, so be aware of changes to TCA, Templates, Behaviour and Feature set.

Some conflicts regarding CSS Styled Content and Fluid Styled Content might still exist.