Feature: #57632 - Include inline language label files with TypoScript

See forge#57632


It is now possible to add inline language label files with TypoScript.


If you want to include inline labels from a XLF file, you have to specify that file in your TypoScript with a custom key in the new inlineLanguageLabelFiles section. In addition to the file you can configure three optional parameters:

  • selectionPrefix: Only label keys that start with this prefix will be included (default: '')
  • stripFromSelectionName: A string that will be removed from any included label key (default: '')
  • errorMode: Error mode if the file could not be found: 0 - syslog entry, 1 - do nothing, 2 - throw an exception (default: 0)


page = PAGE
page.inlineLanguageLabelFiles {
	someLabels = EXT:myExt/Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xlf
	someLabels.selectionPrefix = idPrefix
	someLabels.stripFromSelectionName = strip_me
	someLabels.errorMode = 2

Output in the HTML head:

var TYPO3 = TYPO3 || {};
TYPO3.lang = {"firstLabel":[{"source":"first Label","target":"erstes Label"}],"secondLabel":[{"source":"second Label","target":"zweites Label"}]};