Feature: #69095 - Introduce icon state for IconFactory

See forge#69095


A state (default or disabled) for icons has been added. The state "disabled" marks an icon as disabled and shows the icon with 50% opacity.

Use an icon

The method IconFactory::getIcon() has now a fourth parameter for the state.

The \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Type\Icon\IconState class provides only the following constants for icon states:

  • State::STATE_DEFAULT which currently means 100% opacity
  • State::STATE_DISABLED which currently means 50% opacity

The states may change in future, so please make use of the constants for an unified layout.

$iconFactory = GeneralUtility::makeInstance(IconFactory::class);
$iconFactory->getIcon($identifier, Icon::SIZE_SMALL, $overlay, IconState::cast(IconState::STATE_DEFAULT))->render();


The core provides a Fluid ViewHelper which makes it really easy to use icons within a Fluid view. This ViewHelper has an argument for the new state parameter.

{namespace core=TYPO3\CMS\Core\ViewHelpers}
<core:icon identifier="my-icon-identifier" state="disabled" />