Breaking: #72931 - SearchFormController::pi_list_browseresults() has been renamed

See forge#72931


In order to make Indexed Search pi-based plugin PHP7 compatible, the SearchFormController::pi_list_browseresults() method has been renamed to SearchFormController::renderPagination(). Parameter types, order and count has been preserved. However the methods visibility has been changed to protected.


Call to old method name will result in fatal error "Call to undefined method".

Affected Installations

Any installation of TYPO3 7.6 or TYPO3 8 where SearchFormController is overloaded (XCLASSed) and new class contains call to old method name and any code that called the public method from outside the class.


Rename pi_list_browseresults() to renderPagination().

Calling the method from outside the class is no longer possible.